How to Register

Registration for ICSME 2014 is now closed.
Thanks to all who registered!

STEP 1.  Read carefully all information concerning fees, schedules and requirements for registration found on the conference website and in print announcements.

STEP 2.  Pay the Registration Fee using any of the recommended forms of payment.

STEP 3.  After paying the registration fee, submit the printed or online Registration Form, proof of payment, and other requirements. You will be officially registered only after you have completed this step.

a) Using the Printed Registration Form    Download Registration Form
Obtain a copy and completely fill out the Registration Form. Submit the Registration Form, proof of payment, and copy of proof of enrollment for those availing of the student rate thru email to or fax to The Conference Secretariat at +632 928-3545.
Those availing of the Group Rate must also submit one filled out Registration Form per participant. Those availing of the Student Rate must also submit a copy of proof of enrollment.
b) Using the Online Registration Forms
To register online, proceed to Online Registration.
        Use Online Registration Form 1 (Individual) to register a single participant.
        Use Online Registration Form 2 (Group) to register a group of participants.

The registration data, proof of payment, and proof of enrollment for those availing of the student rate will undergo verification. Once verified, your name/s will be included in the list of registered participants.
STEP 4.  Check the status of your registration. Go to the conference website and view the List of Registered Participants under Registration. This list is updated daily. If you do not see your name in the list three days after submitting the Registration Form, call or email Secretariat.

STEP 5.  Claim your Official Receipt for payment at the registration counter on the first day of the conference.