Call for Contributions

The abstract submission for ICSME 2014 has ended on July 31, 2014.
We are no longer accepting abstract submissions.

ICSME 2014 accepts contributions in the form of research papers on science and mathematics education and presentations pertaining to educational practices.

The contributions should be related to any of the following sub-themes:
  • Alignment of curriculum and assessment
  • Pedagogies and teaching strategies (e.g., teaching mathematics through problem solving, teaching science through inquiry, teaching beyond the classroom)
  • Integration of ICT in teaching science and mathematics
  • Integration of global issues and solutions (e.g., climate change, health, poverty, food security, peace education) in science and mathematics curricula
  • Development of teaching-learning tools and materials in support of curriculum reform
  • Strategies/Practices/Models for teacher professional development (e.g., lesson study, mentoring, peer coaching, professional learning communities)
  • Research and evaluation of curriculum reform


All contributions will be reviewed and evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: relevance of the paper to the theme / subthemes of the conference and significance of the research findings or efficacy of the educational practice.

Authors submitting abstracts for presentation should consider the following:
  1. Authors must select a category based on the subthemes of the conference. The paper screening committee may classify the abstract to another subtheme.
  2. The accuracy of the submitted abstract is the responsibility of the authors. Authors should proofread their abstracts prior to submission.
  3. Authors should print a hard copy of their abstract for their records before submission of abstract.
  4. Notifications of receipt of abstract will be sent to the communicating authors.
  5. All presenters must pay the registration fee for the conference.
  6. If an abstract is accepted and the presenter does not register, the abstract will be withdrawn.
(1) Research Paper

Abstracts submitted must describe in a concise manner the following: (a) objectives of the study; (b) brief description of research methods; (c) summary and interpretation of the data obtained; and (d) statement of the conclusion.

Authors should include the citation of major references.

The total length of the abstract should not exceed 300 words.

(2) Educational Practices

Teachers, educators, and administrators are invited to submit a 300-word abstract describing their best practices/innovations (e.g., teaching-learning strategies/materials, professional development initiatives) in implementing curriculum reform.

Presenters will discuss teaching/learning strategies, techniques, issues, and solutions.

Abstracts must be received by 31 July 2014.

Abstracts may be submitted online using the Abstract Submission Form at the conference website or as email attachment. Email abstracts to

Contributions submitted for ICSME 2014 should not have been presented in any other conference prior to the dates of ICSME 2014.